'AK 63', which is going to be made in a big way.. Be surprised if you know who the director is..!

Ajith is currently acting in the movie 'Vidasalveta'. The shooting of the film, which is being made under the direction of Mizhil Tirumeni, is currently going on in full swing. In this case, a lot of information about Ajith's next film has been released and is attracting attention on the internet. In that way, a latest information about the director of 'AK 63' has been released and is going viral on social media.

Ajith is currently acting in the movie 'Vidaselepa'. After a long wait of the fans, the shooting of the film has started and is going on in full swing. After this, Ajith returned to Chennai from the shooting of 'Perseverance' a few days ago. In this case, the latest information about AK's next film has been released.

Ajith's last film 'Thunivu' was released. H. Vinod and Boney Kapoor's third time in Ajith's film 'Thunivu' was released last January and was well received by the fans. After this, Ajith's next film is expected to be released this year.

but due to reasons including director change, the start of shooting kept getting delayed. Following this, recently, the shooting of 'Perseverance' started in Azerbaijan. The film crew including Ajith and Trisha were there. There was a brisk shooting going on.

In this case, the information about Ajith's next film came out and went viral on the internet. Accordingly, it was said that the film 'AK 63' will be made under the direction of Adhik Ravichandran. The last film 'Marc Antony' was released under the direction of Ajith's ardent fan Adhik. Vishal, S.J. It was released starring Suriya.

Adhik Ravichandran's quality comeback film was a phenomenal hit. After this, the news that Adhik grabbed the opportunity to direct Ajith raised the expectations of the fans. There was a buzz in the Kollywood circles as Ajith was said to be acting in the direction of his ardent fan. However, there are reports that the director of the film has been changed.

According to reports, Ajith will be acting in the direction of Tollywood celebrity Gopichand Malineni. He directed action films including 'Veera Simha Reddy' starring Balayya in Telugu. In this case, Gopichand Malineni is said to be directing Ajith.

Also, there are reports that the film will be produced by Maitri Movie Makers. Thus, it is expected that the film 'AK 63' will be a pan-India blockbuster in Tamil and Telugu languages. It is noteworthy that Tamil actors are constantly forming alliances with Tollywood directors.

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