Bigg Boss season 7: Bigg Boss season 7 finale: Amar and Prashant again have a war of words..


There is a war atmosphere in the Bigg Boss house. If cool with rain forecast in Telugu states. The house is getting hot. The house members who enjoyed the weekend happily got ready for the final fight. The housemates performed brilliantly in the last nominations. Things that have been hidden in the mind for years have been revealed. With this, the whole house became hot and hot at once.

The reality show called Ulta Pulta.. Every week Bigg Boss is giving twists and shocks in his own style. The show will end in two weeks. The process of nominations for the 14th week went on in full swing. The house turned into a battleground with the arguments between the contestants. 

As Arjun won the finale astra and qualified as the first finalist, Bigg Boss suggested that he could not be nominated..but he gave a shock to Amar. Despite being the captain, he gave the house members an opportunity to nominate him because of his lack of immunity. Each house member has to nominate two contestants. Bigg Boss said to print the nominated contestant's photo stamp on a tile and break it.

Yavar started the nomination process first. Yavar – Shobha Shetty and Priyanka were nominated. After that Shobha Shetty nominated Yavar and Shivaji. After that Pallavi nominated Prashanth – Amardeep, Shobha Shetty.. Arjun – Amardeep, Yavar. But there was a big war between Yavar and Arjun. Next Priyanka nominated Amardeep, Yavar. And Shivaji nominated Priyanka and Amardeep. 

After that Amardeep Pallavi nominated Prashant and there was a war of words in the house. There was a war between each other. At the same time, Pallavi called Prashanth saying ``Arei Deep''. After that Amar nominated Deep Yawar. The House was abuzz with arguments on the eve of nominations.

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