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Humanist vampire seeking consenting suicide Release date:

Also known as: Humanist Vampire Seeking Consenting Suicidal PersonGenres: Comedy , HorrorYear: 2023

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CanadaDuration: 1 hour 31 minutesRelease date (Canada): October 13, 2023Release date (France): March 20, 2024


Ariane Louis-Seize


Ariane Louis-Seize Christine Doyon


Jeanne-Marie Poulain Line Sander Egede

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Wayne Pitch

A young 68-year-old vampire continues to insist that she does not want to bite humans. Thanks to Paul she will find a possibility to solve her dietary problem.

Fun Canadian film that tells us the idea of ​​a young vampire, barely 68 years old, who due to her compassion is unable to bite a human to feed herself. So she has to feed on blood bags to the dismay of her family.

The beginning of our story is very funny, during a vampire birthday party, where a very unfortunate event occurs with the party clown. Instead of producing fear, it will produce grief, causing great trauma in our young vampire. Preventing you from eating normally. Her fangs don't appear when they should.

In less than 10 minutes the film presents us with a world with vampires, as something perfectly integrated, but hidden, in society. With families, teachers, dentists (those people have to make more money these days) and even vampire psychologists. For that reason alone, this film already deserves our love. From a completely retro aesthetic (which reminds me of the typical one shown in the orbit of Soviet countries) they will introduce a world where we will only encounter prey and predators. Focusing on the predators, of course, and wishing horrible deaths on the other side. Vampires not far removed from humanity, with only superior strength and longevity (knowing that they age, but more slowly) and an unpleasant hypersensitivity to light. They form families and have their family problems, their traumas and in this case their arguments. In this footage everyone focuses on Sascha. Our young woman with eating problems.

And it is in fact with this fantastic premise that we are introduced to the film's small message about food problems. Since our protagonist simply refuses to consume the blood directly, preferring to do it from bags. Forcing their relatives to cover their predatory gap. That is to say, if we consider vampires as parasites of human beings, she will become a parasite of parasites, causing them many problems and headaches. Especially interesting to watch are the family arguments, with a mother who wants to force her daughter to eat and a loving father who does not want to force her daughter to do something she doesn't want to do. Coming to seek help from her family, friends and whoever is needed, in order to cure her daughter.

So we have a bit of family drama, personally very well handled. With a little comedy, but it doesn't become ridiculous. To move on to a romantic drama, when Sascha finds Paul. A depressed young man who only thinks about committing suicide because he believes that life has no meaning, due to being the object of constant bullying and mobbing . Instead of looking for a solution, he has decided to give up and offers himself completely to our vampire to quench her thirst.

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This will lead us to a beautiful story, somewhat related to a Romeo and Juliet. With the families obviously facing this and it will end with quite a few people dead.

The footage before us is short (barely 90 minutes). With a smooth rhythm sprinkled with fine comedy throughout the entire length. We won't have any laughter (well, unless you enjoy deaths like me) but we will always have a smile on our lips at the story and misadventures of our doomed couple. A gentle humor rarely seen in this genre. Which incites reflection on the differences between veganism (our initial situation in the film, with a diet incompatible with life), vegetarianism (out of compassion) or directly the omnivorism of the "undead" being.

If we have before us a film that is already interesting in itself, which gives us an entertaining time, the fact of ending the footage with the song "El Drácula yeyé" elevates this narrative to the altars. We need more vampire movies with this song and less about depressed bloodsuckers.

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The work of the actors is quite good, each of them representing family and social topics, very histrionic so that they can be identified. The demanding mother, the loving father, the liberated aunt, the wise grandmother... Well directed by Ariane Louis-Seize (be careful, it is her first film, be careful if she makes more works, since this is the type of intimacy we need) and highlighting the role of Sara Montpetit, our adorable vampire. She that she alternates moments of being simply beautiful in her innocence with terrifying moments.

I especially love the work of the camera and the light in the film (let's not forget, vampires, completely dark film) that makes the protagonist, without changing the pose, go from being very cute to a terrifying monster in the same scene, merged with the shadows, only changing the point of view. A very careful metaphorical game that shows us the points of view of Paul (in love) and the viewer in just seconds. Very fine work.

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