Sound Party 2023 Telugu Movie Review – A comedy drama with occasional laughs


Release Date : November 24, 2023

Rating : 2.5/5

Starring: VJ Sunny, Hritika Srinivas, Sivannarayana, Ali, Saptagiri, Prithviraj, Chalaki Chanti, Sailaja Priya

Director: Sanjay Sherry

Producers: Ravi Polishetty, Mahendra Gajendra, Sri Shyam Gajendra

Music: Mohit Rahmaniac

Cinematography: Srinivas J Reddy

Editor: Avinash G

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Among the latest films that hit the theaters this week, "Sound Party 2023" featuring Bigg Boss winner VJ Sunny as the hero has also been released. Let's see how this movie is in the review.



Coming to the story...Kuber Kumar (Shivannarayana Naripeddi) and Dollar Kumar (VJ Sunny) who are father and son dreams of making good money and sounding like a good 'sound party' without any difficulty in their lineage. They try so many things, but the last of them all remains ashes. Just then local MLA Jodeddula Varaprasad (30 years old Prithvi) offers them an undeniable amount to go to jail to save his son. How the story of those who said okay without thinking about this turned around. Will they get out of jail or not? We have to see on the silver screen whether they have become a sound party as expected or not.


Plus Points:

It must be said that the first thing that pleases me in this movie is the good and hilarious story. Every 10 to 15 minutes there is a fun narration in the movie. Lovers of good entertainment will have a good laugh with this. And the hero Veejay played the role of Sunny Decent. As Dollar Kumar, he impresses with his good fun timing as well as his looks.

Also, the heroine Hritika Srinivas seems to have no problem with her cute looks and decent acting. But another main highlight of the movie is the actor Sivannarayana of 'Amritham' fame. He laughs with super fun from starting to ending with his hero role. All the scenes on him are enjoyable. Also, Saptagiri and Chalaki Chanti impress in their roles. And Prithviraj and others are impressive with the scope of their roles.


Minus Points:


Although the film has a fun narration, there is nothing new in the story. I feel like I have seen many movies in this concept. With this, those who want a bit of a new story in comedy movies will not like it. Also, there is no logic in many scenes in the movie. But in some other scenes it is too over.

Actor Ali's role is a complete waste. He does not have such an important role in this film and does not even generate fun. His portion should be designed better. And in his portion, it seems very silly to show the microscope used in the Just Science Lab as a currency making machine.

Also the role of the heroine does not have much importance in the movie. Most of the scenes are hilarious but some scenes seem like a comedy without logic.


Technical category:


The production values ​​are good in this film. And the music cinematography in the technical team is good. Also the dialogues are good with good fun. Editing is fine. When it comes to the director Sanjay Sheri.. even though he chose a routine story, he can give more marks for the way he made it entertaining. He tried to make the movie as hilarious as possible. If not, more care should be taken in screenplay with some silly logics. Apart from these, it seems that he can do more better films with better casting in terms of comedy.




Overall, it can be said that the comedy based on VJ Sunny and actor Sivannarayan is a good highlight in this movie "Sound Party". But the same routine line some illogical scenes may not be liked by all sections of audience. For those who think they can watch comedy no matter what, this movie will be okay.

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