The Trial Telugu Movie Review– Just for some thrills


Release Date : November 24, 2023

Rating : 2.5/5

Actors: Spandana Palli, Yug Ram, Vamsi Kotu and others.

Director: Ram Ganni

Producers: Smriti Sagi, Srinivasa Naidu Killada

Music: Saravana Vasudevan

Cinematography: Sai Kumar Dara

Editor: Srikanth Patnaik R

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Tollywood's first interactive movie, The Trial telugu, has hit the screens in Telugu states today. Check out our full review to know how the movie is and how the artists have performed.



Roopa (Spandana Pilli) is a lady police officer working in Hyderabad. But on her first wedding anniversary, her husband Ajay (Yug Ram) accidentally falls to his death from a building and faces a shock. After some years, Ajay's family members said that Rupe had killed him and reopened the case for justice. Rajeev (Vamsi Kotu) takes the investigation forward by uncovering many details related to the case. At that time he comes to know some surprising things in their married life. And what are those things, whether Roopa is an innocent or a murderer, the secrets behind this unexpected death will be unraveled and the ultimate truth will be revealed in the entire movie.


Plus Points:

While the trial scenes in many such movies are familiar to the audience, The Trial differs in that the story mainly revolves around this point. As first promoted by the makers as the first investigative thriller, The Trial has carefully crafted the scenes to capture the attention of the audience. Regarding the acting of Spandana Palli, he has performed brilliantly in his role in this movie. Her acting and mannerisms keep the audience guessing about her character till the end. Actor Vamsi Kotu also delivers a satisfying performance and despite having little screen presence, Yug Ram impresses with the range of his role. Cinematography and music add to the richness of the film. Some of the elements that come in the second half are engaging for the audience.


Minus Points:

Director Ram Ganni has chosen the story for this movie in a commendable way. But he succeeded with the first half in engaging the audience well. Whereas the dialogues between Roopa and Rajeev could have been scripted more effectively to add more suspense to the story. Although Vamsi Kotu gives a decent performance, in some scenes he seems to take unnecessary pauses while delivering dialogues, giving us the impression that he has forgotten his lines. The first half was good until the interrogation started. The events that follow are a bit boring but the director restricts it to the first half and directs the second half with a good screenplay. But a more strategic approach by the actors could have elevated the film and made it more relatable to the audience. The director falters in making some scenes interesting.


Technical category:

First, Ram Ganni has shown impressive talent as a writer and director. The screenplay in the first half makes The Trial a great viewing experience for the audience and the dialogues are also good. Sai Kumar Dara's rich cinematography and Saravana Vasudevan's score are major strengths of the movie. Both these elements contribute to making the movie an enjoyable experience. The plot engagement factor of The Trial in the first half connects with the audience.



Overall, The Trial is just an okay looking crime thriller. Apart from actress Spandana Pilli's impressive performance, the film has considerable technical elements like cinematography and background score. But the main flaws are lackluster scenes, slow pace of the first half and lack of a strong emotional, connecting point. This trail is a must watch for those who mainly love crime thrillers.

Rating: 2.5/5

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